Born to Run

..I NEVER listen to the radio in the car…but peak hour makes a man contemplate desperate acts. A flick through the channels tonight and I chanced upon this Bruce classic hit. I found myself driving along, and singing along, and thinking if there were any other people in their cars doing the same – and perhaps contemplating running from something…or towards something…a hope, or perhaps with a Bruce-inspired dream of a better life in a new world.

I stopped at a set of traffic lights – looked to my left and saw an Indian girl in an old, beat-up 70’s Honda singing along to Bruce’s words with a big smile on her face – at that moment she epitomized to me what this Bruce’s lyric is all about

I love this clip…OK, OK, yes it has a lot to do with the constant glimpses of Bruce-butt – Bruce had (and has) a pretty awesome look in a pair of tight Wranglers (for Bruce-butt connoisseurs I reckon there is only one main section of footage of Bruce in non-Wrangler jeans – can anyone confirm?) – but there is just so much fun and spectacle in the clip – and SO many people in the crowds – it almost seems to stand in defiance of what the song is about…

Oh, and did I mention the Bruce-butt? Oh yeah…I did!

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