Born to Run

..I NEVER listen to the radio in the car…but peak hour makes a man contemplate desperate acts. A flick through the channels tonight and I chanced upon this Bruce classic hit. I found myself driving along, and singing along, and thinking if there were any other people in their cars doing the same – and perhaps contemplating running from something…or towards something…a hope, or perhaps with a Bruce-inspired dream of a better life in a new world.

I stopped at a set of traffic lights – looked to my left and saw an Indian girl in an old, beat-up 70’s Honda singing along to Bruce’s words with a big smile on her face – at that moment she epitomized to me what this Bruce’s lyric is all about

I love this clip…OK, OK, yes it has a lot to do with the constant glimpses of Bruce-butt – Bruce had (and has) a pretty awesome look in a pair of tight Wranglers (for Bruce-butt connoisseurs I reckon there is only one main section of footage of Bruce in non-Wrangler jeans – can anyone confirm?) – but there is just so much fun and spectacle in the clip – and SO many people in the crowds – it almost seems to stand in defiance of what the song is about…

Oh, and did I mention the Bruce-butt? Oh yeah…I did!

Photography Friday

…one of my pic taken on a drive to Waikerie on the River Murray…many thanks to Karen – her spelling saved me in 9th-year English, and yet again her skills got us there before dark!

the mighty Murray River at Waikerie (click photo to enlarge)

the mighty Murray River at Waikerie
(click photo to enlarge)

Cowboy Friday – Yee Haw!

…one of mine (photo’s  that is – not Cowboys!) from the 2011 Waimate Rodeo, on New Zealand’s South Island. The drive from Queenstown through to the Waimate Vally in South Canterbury is spectacular, and we had a glorious day. Other highlights included discovering my favorite Riesling (ever) at dinner that night, and losing half a molar at the same dinner gorging myself on pork crackling – p.s. it was worth it!

...bareback champion - so his buckle says anyhow!

…bareback champion – so his buckle says anyhow!
(click to enlarge)

Whose face is it anyway?

Hubba Hubba, Drew!

Hubba Hubba, Drew!

…you have probably guessed, but here is Drew Carey posing for is U.S. Marines mugshot  (p.s. it’s one of the few times I HAVEN’T seen this fella smiling!)…

…well who would have thought?

…I have an “older entries” tab at the bottom of the page – the BLOG LIVES!

I am ALL OVER EVERYPLACE in the Google search engine – by next week I expect to have Facebookian-like hits!!

Thank you to all of the visitors who have left comments on my posts – without exception spammers each and every one – but I love you anyhow!

I am so happy, well, I am so happy I posted this anyhows!