About me (and a poorly written disclaimer)!

linusWho are you?
Hi world my name is Chris

Tell us a little about you Chris?
I am a 40-something man who was born in, raised in, lives in and loves Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.
I am the only child of two wonderful parents, and I am blessed to still have them with me.
I had a fairly unremarkable childhood. I was sick all the time, painfully thin, scared of absolutely everything and completely crap at most ever sport that Australian fellas choose to play at school…

…and what about school then did you enjoy it?
I loved school, I thought I was pretty bright, and quite popular – until an old school friend recently told me they felt sorry for me for always getting picked on – but I must have been too dumb to notice!
Anyhow I studied as hard as I could and made some wonderful friends, a few of whom I still see today.
It should be noted that some powers have tried to remove any evidence I was ever educated….my kindergarten, primary school and secondary school are now all housing estates, and my University has been re-named and re-defined

So you went to University?
I studied Medical Sciences, and graduated (just – I hated every minute of it – and Microbiology smells bad!). But yeah, I struggled through!

Which lead to a career in?
Opera singing – what do deuce do you think? I then worked for 17 years in the Biochemistry Laboratory of a large metropolitan hospital here in Adelaide, I had some really wonderful times, and worked with many wonderful people (and a couple of others!)
Following on from that, I was head-hunted by a global Danish Medical company to enter a career in sales. I had no experience in sales, and was a little scared about accepting the offer, and have lived in semi-terror ever since. Sales is not for the faint-hearted, nervous type, nor those prone to frequent nose-bleeds and renal dysfunction. But I have struggled on and done my best, and they have been a very good company to work for…and once again I have met many wonderful – and inspiring people. Well that’s pretty much it!

Oh come on now – don’t go all “man of mystery” on us – there must be something more than that?
Oh OK – you want all the juicy, sordid little bits hey? Well your not getting them! But I have left out the most important bit. About 18 years ago my whole life changed when I met my partner and soul mate – the most wonderful, clever and handsome man that a fella could hope to meet. you will hear and see a lot more of him on my blog pages…ESPECIALLY if I can locate a certain photo! I consider myself blessed every day that he is by my side sharing my life. Oh yeah – and then there is the cat! We have no kids, unfortunately Kym has neither the pelvic girth, nor the inclination!

Well thank you for the chat. One last question. Do you have an avatar? If so, what does it tell us about you?
One last question – clearly you cant count! It took me years (literally) to understand what an avatar is. I’m still not certain I have got it right, but I don’t care! You can see him here at the top of the page. Linus Van Pelt – Charles Schultz’s sighing ‘everyman’ with his slightly out-of-focus eyes, chronically hard-to-handle hair, security blanket at his side, and eternal optimism in his heart. Enough said…


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